Film Festival 2016

posted 21 Feb 2016, 23:40 by Tullis Explorer Leaders Team   [ updated 15 Mar 2016, 07:12 ]
Very entertaining entries from Tullis Explorers well done!

The film festival was very well attended (see attached), filling up most of Rotherfield's new Scout Hut.  There were a whopping 10 film presentations:

·         Southon Troop – Ashdown District Hike, as viewed from a team members’ head! (Time-Laps, until it ran out of memory). 5 mins.

·         Buxted Troop – The Hanged Boy – a horror movie with no survivors! Involving the whole troop – each patrol performing a section each. 13.5 mins.

·         4th Uckfield Alpha – Scout Fire Frustrations – a very funny plasticine animation by Jack Jarvis. 3 mins.

·         Southon Troop – Patrol night mayhem – a number of humorous events at a troop night. 2.5 mins.

·         Southon Leaders – An Ashdown Hike Checkpoint – time-laps of a day at a checkpoint. 4.5 mins.

·         1st Rotherfield Troop – I’m a Celebrity bush tucker trials, involving eating bugs and beasties and the hilarious “Dunny Cam” interviews. 10 mins.

·         Wadhurst Troop – Scouting for Scouts.  Scripted film where the troop will close down unless more scouts can be found. Some very funny moments. 18 mins!

·         Chapman Troop – Chapman’s Got Talent. A series of scouts display their considerable talents. 7 mins.

·         Tullis Explorers – Japanese Jamboree. A series of brilliant photos brought to life through thoughtful sequencing. 7 mins.

·         An extra - Betty Boop. 3 scouts singing along to a tune in Betty Boop (the car). Needed a ‘bleep’ edit. 2 mins.

 A fabulous time was had by all.  And the variety of entries was once again fantastic.   I thank each of you for taking part in the making these gems of entertainment, and for capturing another slice of history.

 And the winner of the “i-UTube” trophy was… Buxted for their terrifying “Hanged Boy” – that they filmed last Halloween.  I particularly liked the dead bodies outside the hut.  A great idea, well executed (quite literally).

 And the winner of the “Star Performer Oscar” trophy was… 4th Uckfield Alpha’s Jack Jarvis for the hilarious plasticine animation.  A nice story told with great humour.

 Merlin Beedell (Scout Leader of Wadhurst Troop)